Welcome to Luminescence Apothecary!

My name is Isabel Santiso and I am a holistic practitioner dedicated to providing healing modalities through a connection to energy healing traditions, herbalism traditions, angelic intuitive traditions, the land, the people and spirit.  My mission is simple - HOPE – to “Help Other People Evolve” on their life purpose journey in harmony with themselves, the planet and others.   As a holistic practitioner I believe that all clients are unique individuals with unique needs which need to be addressed with creativity, compassion, love and patience.  As a teacher, I am passionate about sharing my acquired knowledge and experience to help empower students to learn how to heal themselves and others to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and a greater connection with mother earth, the universe, spirit and humanity.  Join me in the journey of learning and healing and let the universe help deliver you from physical and emotional discomfort to a realm of inner peace, joy and harmony. 
I look forward to working with you and serving your holistic healing and educational needs.
With gratitude, Isabel Santiso  


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