Seven years ago, I remember receiving visions of the shift in consciousness that humanity is now going through.  One would think that being a light worker, an empath, and an angel intuitive channeling and receiving messages from spirit and the angels would have better prepared me for the challenges of this shift in consciousness, but here I was in shock as the universe kicked my ass (yet again). 

       Three weeks ago just before the start of the lunar eclipse and right through the Lions Gate on 08-08-18,   I ended up with a bout of bronchitis the likes of which I have never had.  I could not speak or breathe for twelve days and ended up in the emergency room three times.   It seemed that the harder I tried to fight and control the bronchitis and MAKE it go away by numbing myself with huge doses of ibuprofen, breathing treatment drugs and steroids, the worse it seemed to be getting!!   Immediately the old patterns surfaced, the stress, worry and anxiety and the disbelief and depression that I was so gravely ill; all of which made the bronchitis asthma and acid reflux worse.  So I finally asked myself the usual suspect questions;  What the hell is this really all about?  Do I think I have a voice but perhaps I have not been using it the way the universe wants me to?  Do I feel like I am suffocating in my corporate daytime job?  Have I been burning myself out trying to work full time in the corporate world, and build and run my holistic practice on the weekends?  Have I used my voice to engage in judgment?  What is not in alignment?  I then decided to meditate and as I did, I recalled something that my Wise Woman herbal teacher shared with us in class several years ago.  She said that most people fight and embattle themselves with their states of illness and dis-ease.   She suggested we “try to recognize a state of dis-ease is here to help you learn something that you need in order to facilitate the healing of your mind, body and soul”.   She then went on and said, “Ask yourself the questions, what is it I feel I need to fight? What is it I need to control? What am I fearful of?  What can I not let go of?”   Once you answer those questions, tell your virus or dis-ease “thank you for helping me learn and understand how I can help my body and mind heal, what I can change and release and why it is for my highest good”.  “Try to work WITH your state of dis-ease instead of battling it”.  So, I decided to do just that.  I thanked my bronchitis virus for coming to teach me how to drink more water (which I never drink enough of!), how to take a time out to meditate and just “be” without the chatter box of worry, doubt, fear and anxiety (this was really hard to do while sick).  Having to lay in bed for five days also forced me to take notice and inventory of where my life is at and how my corporate job, holistic business and other commitments have been affecting me.  I also looked at my diet and realized that I had stopped eating the whole nourishing foods and herbal infusions that I had been accustomed to.   I was not going for my daily walks in the woods and talking to my trees or meditating.  I was just trying to keep up with my endless “to do” list and commitments and obligations as a single working mom.    I realized that I was desperately clinging onto the unhealthy comfort of my fears and my anxiety disorder I have had since I had my near death experience at age four, even though they made me feel awful!   I looked at how I have been sabotaging myself and how I have allowed fear and stress to make excuses and paralyze me every time I want to take a step forward to grow deeper into my holistic business, my spiritual practice, healing my body from inflammatory dis-ease and releasing my past lifetime traumas and fears.  I also realized that I have been afraid to just simply breathe deeply, exhale and relax!   

    As I continued to meditate, I called in my Archangels and as I did this, I remembered what they told me this shift is about;  surrendering to healing, releasing all that no longer serves us and coming back home to our heart center and the LOVE within it.  I then told the angels that I was ready to release all fears, worries, anxiety, doubts, traumas, burdens and karma that no longer serve me and are no longer mine to bear and carry.  I asked them to take these energies to Source and to replace them with divine healing love and light.   I also asked both Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene to send me their love and courage to continue to help me work on letting go of my fears that are holding me back and to help me strengthen my faith and belief by helping me come back home to the love in my heart space.  I then spent a lot of time crying and praying.   I did this for several days and went back to my healing plants to support my releases and physical and soul recovery.  Slowly, I started to feel the tattered and torn security blanket of anxiety that I carried my whole life finally start to lift away from me.  I continued my daily spiritual meditation and prayer practice and a week later, I now feel relieved, released and free from some of the intense angst that had plagued me.    It is amazing how a simple state of dis-ease can change your perspective on life if you are willing and open to take a chance and work with that dis-ease instead of embattling yourself with it.  Grateful for the episode of illness and what it helped me learn, I am now renewed in my strength and belief that I can work through the challenges that will continue to arise through this shift. 

     For those of you out there going through similar experiences, hang onto hope and ask the universe to help you be open to working with your dis-ease and life challenges in harmony, to help you achieve the healing and peace you need from a place of love and support and without so much fear and worry.  Let‘s all help each other evolve and heal through this amazing shift in consciousness!

With love and light, Isabel



The Flora Angels are celestial divine beings that oversee all of the plant growth and development on the planet Earth.   I see the Flora Angels as tall angels with beautiful linen aprons with pockets that hold many of their tools.  They remind me of my mother looking over me, caring for me and always teaching me.  They are always walking around holding dried and fresh bunches of different plants in their arms.   Their hands are pale and delicate and their touch is pure love.   They weave a beautiful geometric matrix of energy as they walk through and among the plants and trees in my garden.  This energy supports and feeds the electrical grid in the root systems of all plants under ground.  At times, I have seen the Flora Angels gather around the huge tree in my yard embracing it and speaking and singing to it softly, supporting it and letting it know that it is loved and cared for and that they are grateful for its gifts to humanity and the earth.    Even during the plants winter slumber, I see the Flora Angels walking through the garden showing me ideas for the new spring growing season that is to come.   The Flora Angels also work with plant fairies which serve as protective energies that help the Flora Angels do their work on the earth.   The plant fairies live with and amongst the plants and watch over the plants and trees communicating the plants daily needs to the Flora Angels.  It is a harmonious and collaborative effort for the sole benefit of the plants and trees.  There is no magic involved just divine love, knowledge, energy, and light.

The Flora Angels can help us tremendously by teaching us how to provide our plants with the best environment for them to flourish in so that the plants in turn, can nourish us and heal us.  The Flora Angels and fairies also help us connect to each plant on a spiritual and energetic level which helps us learn more about the plant’s medicinal, chemical and energetic properties.  Every plant is different and it’s medicinal and energetic properties are affected by the terrain and environment around it including the human energy around it working the land in which it grows.  This is vital information which helps us determine which plants will nourish and heal specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs.   

 I hope that my experience with the plants and their angels and fairies encourage you to grow some plants and to communicate with them.   In a world where the pervasive abuse and manipulation of the plants and trees on our planet by big agrichemical industry keeps growing and harming humanity’s health, perhaps it is time for all of us to open our minds and hearts to the possibility of learning how to grow our own plants to help us independently nourish, heal and sustain ourselves and support the health of our planet.    

I once asked the Flora Angels “what can we do to change this Agrichemical tide of harm?”, and their answer was simple…they looked at me compassionately and placed a finger up to their lips letting me know that we can make a change quietly one person at a time, one garden at a time, by teaching ourselves and others how to grow and take care of the plants on our earth and to work in harmony with the plants.    

Blessings, Isabel.