Herbalism is a traditional (ancient) medicinal practice of studying and using plants and plant extracts to support the body’s natural healing processes.  Although I am a traditionally trained herbalist, I have also trained in the wise woman tradition with Linda Conroy with an emphasis on bio-regional herbalism and I have completed several courses in herbal astrology and herbal alchemy under Herbalist and Alchemist Sajah Popham.   As a bio-regional herbalist, I feel very strongly about working with the plants that grow locally in my environment.  Unfortunately, in Illinois, I am not permitted to harvest plants from any forest preserves, so I decided to grow many of the local medicinal and wild edible plants in my own backyard and create a permaculture environment.   Having these plants so close to me has allowed me learn more about their energetics and life cycles and have allowed me to prepare my handmade herbal remedies and teach my classes to support my local community, environment and pollinators.   

Today we live in a world where the planet’s health is being controlled and damaged by large agrichemical farming practices and where human beings are becoming more dependent on pharmaceuticals to function day to day.   It is time for us to educate and empower ourselves and our children to learn how to connect with, grow, harvest and use our own local plants to support the healing and nourishment needs of our mind, body and spirit and to responsibly sustain and support our local environment and our planet by doing so.  I welcome you to contact me for an herbal consultation, read my blogs and take my classes to empower yourself to work with the plants to heal, nourish and support you and your family.   

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Herbal consultations can take place in my Reiki studio office or via the phone.  Prior to your first consultation, I will provide you with a detailed intake form to complete for the first consultation.   During the first consultation I will review the intake form with you and will collect any additional information that I require in order to determine the full scope of your needs. Once I have acquired all required information I can begin to determine how to best approach your concerns and I will develop an appropriate herbal protocol which may include custom herbal preparations (salves, lotions, infused oils, herbal teas, tinctures, lozenges, syrups, etc) to support the requirements of your protocol.   Most of my clients usually require three consultations in order to determine the full scope of their needs and required custom herbal preparations and to provide follow up support and herbal protocol changes (if required) as they move through their wellness/healing process.  I look forward to working with you and being able to support your journey to wellness. 

Fee for 1 hour consultation USD $45.00

All custom herbal preparations are an additional charge.

Herbal Consultations


To book a herbal consultation, please submit payment via the paypal link and then please contact me via email at thehealingenclave@gmail.com with your confirmation of payment, your name and a telephone number where you can be reached so that we can determine a date and time for your consultation.    I look forward to your herbal consultation!