Gather half a jar of chive blossom buds that are plump and just about to start to open.  Fill half of your eight ounce mason jar with the chive blossom buds and then fill the jar with apple cider vinegar.  Secure lid onto the jar and store in a dark cool space and allow to infuse for four weeks.  Gently shake the jar every couple of days.  You will notice that after a day or two, the vinegar will become a bright,  beautiful bright pink color which will fade a little as the infusion continues to steep.   After four weeks, strain the vinegar to remove all the buds and any remaining plant material.  Store in a clean sterilized jar in a cool dark space or in your refrigerator.  The vinegar will last up 6- 9 months, although mine gets used up long before the 6 months!   I hope I have encouraged you to get out there and gather your chive blossom buds to make some infused vinegar that captures the beautiful vibrant energy, vitality and healing powers of this plant!  Blessings!